Comes a finished bathroom flown

Five finished bathrooms, each already with shelves on the wall and toilet brush in the corner, roll on a semitrailer with Polish license plate on the large construction site at the house Maria queen in Dhauner forest. Five of 64 sanitary cubes in various sizes, which are heaved with the giant crane easily from the truck bed and lowered by abandoned "holes" in the ceilings in the various stock values. There they are parked on styrodurblocks and then simply pushed to the planned location with shunting vehicles. For project and assembly manager Peter San of the TAIROS Fertigbad GmbH in Salzwedel in the Altmark (Saxony Anhalt) that is already routine.

The skilled heating engineer and installer from Rendsburg has been in the prefab bathroom business for 40 years. In shipbuilding, construction has been known for a long time: galvanized sheet metal, mineral wool as insulation and rubber adhesive are used to build sanitary cubes weighing just under 1.5 tons. Barrier-free course and usually (according to customer requirements) also with underfloor heating.

320 bathrooms in a house

About the shipbuilding and large hotels came the procedure in nursing homes increasingly to bear. The Franciscan Brothers of the Holy Cross, who invest about 9 million euros in the retirement home in Kirn, worked with the TAIROS Fertigbad GmbH already in other nursing home projects, are convinced of the design and the concept. Up to 320 such prefabricated bathrooms will be installed in major projects such as hotels, says Peter San with reference to a new building in Hamburg. Freiburg recently supplied 310 such baths.

In terms of equipment, the customer has the floor. He determines the tile sizes and colors, the sanitary colors. That makes the thing interesting for the prefabricated construction professionals, because with the customer and architect wishes one still learns to do so. According to Kirn, two different cube sizes were supplied - the larger ones are equipped with two doors and stand between two rooms. The supply and disposal lines are easily accessible on the outer wall, so they are easily accessible in case of disturbances.

For builders, planning is particularly important, as the plumbing cubes are independent of the weather conditions that often cause delays in construction. They are delivered ready when needed. "The madness," enthuses Einrichtungsleiter Hartmann, as he visits one of the prefabricated bathrooms. Peter San has cut open the plastic packaging with the cutter and opened the padlock on the door. On the floor is still a protective film, sink and toilet are packed, the ceiling lamps and the original doors are still missing of course.

Otherwise, the bathrooms standing in the huge Altenheimbootbau actually missing nothing. If they are installed and stand on the screed floor, the galvanized outer walls are covered with plasterboard, papered and finished. 64 bathrooms - that would have been a major order for the tilers for the domestic construction industry. On the whole, however, the client has taken care to serve regional companies as much as possible. When it came to the subject of bathing, the region could not make such a prefabricated construction offer. Even if the construction is simple, cheap construction is not. Up to 30,000 euros cost the largest cabins with a footprint of 3.2 by 4 meters. The smallest are only two times a meter tall and cost from 5000 to 6000 euros, informs San. In Kirn are supplied 3.2 times 2.5 meters large cabins.


Weatherproof assembly team

When the truck rolls in the morning shortly after 8 o'clock on the construction site, it is very fresh at the height. No problem for the TAIROS men around Peter San and Darek Ivinski. Windstill and sunny is the weather. Since you have already experienced quite different construction sites - for example in Sylt, when the sea was boiling and the rain lashed. Or in Leipzig at minus 22 degrees. The weather-independent production in warehouses in Salzwedel in the 70-employee operation has sometimes disadvantages for the assembly crews: they also have to work when it is icy cold on the construction site.

In the new building of the house Maria K├Ânigin this is largely fixed in the next few days. The contract had taken up to four weeks. On Friday, the last sanitary cubes are delivered to the construction site, then the "holes" left open for installation can be concreted and the flat roof sealed. Most windows are already in there. "Pulled down far enough for residents to be able to look out from the wheelchair later," says Michael Hartmann. Then it's weatherproof with the interior work in the winter months go on.

"Our residents are already looking forward to the baths. On the heat that is so important in the care, "says Hartmann. So far, there was only one sink in the rooms. Toilets and showers are shared facilities in the hallways. Nevertheless, the house Maria Queen is currently booked out with 75 seats. Everything should be ready by the beginning of 2020. Currently, the furniture is ordered for the new building - everything should fit together harmoniously.

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